We manufacture a tissue phantom having similar mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties of soft tissue such as cardiac muscle, smooth muscle, and liver. The phantoms are typically used for the development and demonstration of RF and microwave therapeutic systems. The material changes color at a specific temperature allowing visualization of the heated volume produced by an RF or microwave system. The standard tissue phantom is dark red simulating the color of liver or muscle and changes to an off-white color at temperatures greater than 45 °C. Other colors and temperatures are available. The phantoms are reusable.

Advantages include:

  • Smell and storage problems associated with liver, cardiac, and other tissues are eliminated
  • Can be stored at room temperature
  • Can be used repeatedly
  • Lasts a minimum of three months if stored properly
  • Phantom material is homogeneous and electrical and thermal properties are consistent from lot to lot avoiding the variability found in tissue samples